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KUKLA Waagenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG …

… is a specialized producer of weighing devices such as belt scales and weigh feeders which are applied wherever bulk materials have to be continuously weighed and dosed. Technically mature and easy-to-maintain versions are available due to tremendous development in  manufacturing since 1933.
The mechanical and electrical engineering as well as the manufacturing is done by KUKLA; therefore short delivery times and the supplying of spare parts are guaranteed for decades
Above all, our clients appreciate Kukla's ability to install weighing devices which have specific measurements in length. Kukla is able to develop weighing devices that meet the desired requirements for our clients. It’s an important advantage that Kukla has over its competitors. 
Basic function of weigh feeder

Weigh feeders (E-DBW-...)  are constructed for the gravimetric dosing of various materials.


AC-drivers with frequency converters are used to regulate belt speed. The simplest type of weigh feeder is used for direct hopper discharge. For materials that are difficult to handle special dosing devices are placed in front of the weigh feeders and are operated together with the weigh feeder in block control.

For smaller capacities small-weigh-feeders are available with a center distance of 1200 mm and belt width from 300 mm up to 500 mm.


Gypsum raw stone:
Used scale types: E-DBW-A
Measuring range up to 100t/h
Easy belt exchange due to simple maintenance.
Easy and quick check of accuracy with test weight
Automatic belt steering device prevents conveyor belt run-off.
REA-gypsum is extracted from flue gas emissions and desulphurisation plants. It is an extremely ductile material.
In order to prevent the material from sticking to the belt we apply negative-hoppers with rubber lining at the inlet.

In addition there is an extra weighing bridge located in the inlet area which
controls the hopper dispensing device. Thus, a constant column of material
within the inlet hopper is assured.


Stucco gypsum:
Used scale types: E-DBW-H-I
High protection against pollution provided by the closed, dust-tight design and also the scale type E-DBW-H offers all the advantages clients expect with regard to Kukla’s product line.
Various additives:
Loss-in-weight-feeder, volumetric dosing
Loss-in-weight-feeders (D-DW) measure the weight loss within weighing bins. Thus, there is no dependence on tare changes.
Due to the closed system with a purpose of filling and dispensing elements, fine-grained products can be dosed even without problems in explosive rooms.
Paper (fibers)
Used scale types: E-FBW
Charge scale (batch scale) is loaded until achieving the indicated charge size. Then an automatic discharge of material is done. Extremely precise weight detection made by 4 load cells.
Usual charge sizes:
800kg/charge   1.2 t/charge
Weighing screw feeder:
Completely dust-tight weighing and dosing device with an accuracy of approx.  +/- 5 %
In the gypsum industry weighing screw feeders are mainly used for boiler feeding.
Dosing Rotary Vane Feeder / Dosing screw feeder
Type: D-ZS resp. D-RFS
Ensures continuous material flow. Reduces resp. Raises number of rotations if necessary.
Electronic level measuring probe
Controls material height with regard to accumulation. Induces the change in number of rotations of D-ZS resp. D-RFS.
Trough bottom cleaner
Fine-grained weighing material may fall from the conveyor belt and cause pollution. The automatic trough bottom cleaner cleans the scale and transports the material on the bottom to the production at the same time. Therefore manual cleaning is no longer required and maintenance work is greatly reduced.

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